The EOS Evolution

The Evolution blockchain is structured to ensure long
term decentralization and scalability


Development Update

Community Driven adaptation of EOS open source software:

Using a snapshot of the EOS Crowdsale, Evolution aims to be the most evenly distributed adaptation of the original EOS vision.

Preventing the pooling of votes by large stake holders and increasing the number of Block Producers from 21. This approach prevents large investors from centralizing the ecosystem

Our Developer Fund allows EOS Evolution to financially support thousands of commercial DApps


We'll be widely distributing Evolution tokens through a multi-phased airdrop based around community and an EOS Crowdsale snapshot




Notice: We will never ask for your private keys or ask you to send us any funds

DApps & Developers

  • WebAssembly makes development streamlined
  • Parallel Server Execution
  • Utilized staked tokens for both Voting and Bandwidth

Block Producers

  • Fair Compensation decided by the community
  • 99.9% Uptime between 100 Verified BP's
  • Zero Transaction Cost
  • Arbitration managed by the community

What is Evolution

The Path to a Truly Decentralized EOS Blockchain.

The Solution.


Current EOS Governance is easily susceptible to manipulation among voters and large stakeholders. Our goal is to provide long term solutions to prevent centralization.

Solving Over Compensation and Inflation

Evolution prevents Block Producers from self voting and controlling how much they earn. Further stopping unneeded hyperinflation of the token supply.

Solving for Block Producer Collusion

Preventing the pooling of votes by large stake holders and increasing the number of Block Producers from 21. This approach prevents large investors from centralizing the ecosystem.

We are passionate about decentralized technology and its potential
to act as an equalizing force in the world.
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Casey Watts

Casey is an experienced software engineer with deep knowledge in the core EOS framework of WebAssembly. Prior to Evolution he supported the WebAssembly SocketMiner toolset for webmasters.


Todd Fuller

Todd is an avid open-software advocate and developer with a strong emphasis on governance and decentralization standards.


Hung Huynh

Hung oversees Evolution’s technology development and operations. He brings over 15 years of experience with a strong background ranging from servers/hardware to programming.


Ryan Choi

Ryan studied computer science in Hong Kong and became very passionate about the potential of fair and decentralized networks.


SangMin Lee

Sangmin leads Evolution's community efforts across the globe and manages Evolution related social platforms. His goal is to educate people of the benefits of DPoS and bring forth community initiatives for Evolution.


Peter Arora

Since 2014 Peter has specialized in cryptocurrencies and various C++ initiatives. Prior to supporting the Evolution project, Peter maintained the SocketMiner WebAssembly toolset.

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What is the purpose of the Evolution Token?

Evolution is launching its own blockchain and the EVO token will be used for fair voting to determine Block Producers.

Are you forking EOS?

No, as there are no live blockchains running EOS software. BlockOne is producing the EOS open source software and is not directly launching their own blockchain.

Do you have a relationship with BlockOne or the official EOS team?

We do not have any official relationship with BlockOne. Evolution is a community adaptation of EOS open source software focused on a restructured governance and distribution.

Will there be an ICO?

There will not be an ICO for Evolution. We believe in empowering as many individuals as possible to be part of the platform via our AirDrops.